Compare Web Hosting

Compare the best Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting companies and choose the hosting plan that’s right for your website. With numerous hosting providers out there it becomes difficult to decide which one to rely on and the only way to find that out is by using their services. We have done the hard work to save you time and money! You can also access our in depth web hosting reviews of some of the best players in the market.

Which hosting do you need

Before signing up for a hosting plan you need to know your website or web application requirements. For eg. a static HTML website does not consumes alot of server resources and a Shared Hosting plan is sufficient to keep the website live. Whereas a PHP script connected with an SQL database would consume more server resources. So as a webmaster you have to make sure that you know your website well, so you can find the required hosting plan to match your website and traffic requirements. If you are unable to identify your website requirements you can use our helpful website hosting requirements page to find out what hosting is best for your website.

Get Help from Experts

After you have signed up for a hosting plan and you need help with migrating your website to a new server, install PHP scripts, setup the server or install SSL certificates, you can get help from our experts. Here is what we can do for your project:

website-migration-serviceMigrate your website to your new hosting

We can move your website to your new server typically within 24 hours. We can move any type of website including sites based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. Ecommerce platforms include OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and more. We can also move any kind of PHP script already hosted on your server or available offline.



scripts-installation-serviceInstall PHP Scripts on your server

We can install any kind of PHP scripts including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more. We can also setup Ecommerce shops using OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and more. We can also install and setup any scripts you already have. If you have a custom script that needs to be hosted and wanted to discuss the requirements please contact us.


ssl-installation-serviceInstall SSL Certificates

SSL certificates provide and extra layer of security by encrypting data sent to your server. An SSL certificate keeps your website and data safe from possible threats or hacking attempts. Customers also feel secure giving information if they know their data is being transmitted safely. We can install any kind of SSL certificates that you already have and secure your website. If you do not have an SSL certificate you can buy a cheap SSL certificate.


server-setup-serviceSetup your server

We can setup any Linux, Unix and Windows based servers. We can configure LAMP server to host websites or any kind or web applications. We can also setup email servers to send out bulk emails and database servers to store information. We can also assist you with Amazon AWS and cloud based servers. Please note this service is for cloud based servers only. Shared hosting accounts are setup by the hosting provider.



Disclaimer: We are not a web hosting provider. We are a web hosting comparison site offering in depth reviews of the hosting companies listed on our site to help customers make informed decisions. Our rankings and web hosting reviews are based on general customer feedback from the internet and our own experience with most of the hosting companies listed. We get compensated by web hosting companies to offer this free and useful service. This does not influences our rankings and recommendations. Our other services like website migration, script installation, SSL setup and server setup are solely provided by us and not the web hosting companies.